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Amazing medical developments

Amazing medical developments

During my recent trip to Europe I stopped over at my house in the Black Forest near the Swiss-French borders, a truly beautiful part of the world. I was on my way to perform a concert to celebrate the 7th cycle (84th) birthday of His Majesty King Bhumibol of Thailand at London’s famed Bloomsbury Theater, a great honour given to me by the Royal Thai Embassy in the UK.

Unexpectedly, just five days before the concert I started suffering from a cholecystitis, a condition which carries incredibly horrendous pains. Fortunately, a dear doctor friend of mine realized the symptoms quickly and correctly and immediately sent me into the capable hands of one of Germany’s most gifted surgeons in Freiburg who not only freed me of my horrors of having an operation but perhaps also saved my life by removing an almost perforated gallbladder via a so-called “key-hole surgery” also known as micro surgery.

To my absolute amazement, four hours after the operation I was having tea at my little hospital suite and only two days later I went back home to travel on to London the following day and in time for my concert.

Remembering the days when such an operation put people into hospital for weeks I felt that western medicine had made giant steps forward. It certainly saved me from having to cancel an extremely important concert and I am most grateful for that.