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“When I heard Hucky's guitar playing a few months ago in Los Angeles, I was extremely impressed and admired his virtuosity and mastery in playing different styles apart from playing the strictly classical. He is a sensitive and wonderful musician.”
Pandit Ravi Shankar - Sitar Legend & BEATLES Guru

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Hucky Eichelmann
COMPLETE CD-BOOK SETS (6 Sets) + 1 book
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Hucky Eichelmann
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Wonderful recording although performed by just one guitar… One of the best hi-fi audiophile recording that everyone should own. GM2000 magazine, July 2007

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Eichelmann lets the enchanting, sensitive melismata flow through his fingers in dance-like tempos and natural phrasing; without any pavonine interpreters ego he fully concentrates to convey the originality and beauty of King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s music. Badische Zeitung - Germany • (03 March, 2000)

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A great compilation of guitarist Hucky Eichelmann’s sweetest and most sensual recordings, ideal for dreaming and relaxing. The album contains 22 tunes and has been re-mastered by renown sound engineer Shane Edwards at Karma Sound Studios using vintage and modern equipment from GML, Neve and api.
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The timeless album that you can listen to anytime…Through his classical guitar playing Hucky takes us to a new frontier that we have never been before. Hi-fi Stereo magazine, January 2003

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This album is a truly magnificent reference recording of classical guitar playing! (I bought CD and LP - the sound from LP was much better). Audiophile Magazine, 2017
The Best of the Best for anyone who loves Asian sounding albums.  Performed by one of the world’s superb guitarists…sound quality is clear and excellent…Hucky’s performance is top class. GM2000 Magazine, June 2003

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THIS IS the finest guitar recording I've ever heard... And the quality of the sound recording is even better than Michael Newman's solo guitar recorded by Sheffield Lab. AUDIOPHILE Magazine, December 2015 … read more reviews

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Disc of The Month
The Magical Melodies of Thailand album is an attest of the latest recording innovation with the 24 bit/ 96 kHz capacity. Hucky truly displays the spirit of these beloved Thai tunes. GM 2000 Magazine … read more reviews

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The good recording makes this album consistent and balanced with excellent sound quality across all tracks. You can hear excellent deep bass tones as best as can be achieved from listening to an LP. Audiophile Magazine (2017)
Although there is only two people playing, the music in the whole album has a greater feel. the two musician intended to make it to sound more like an orchestra or sitting in a cathedral, to create an interesting ‘landscape of sounds’. The Bangkok Post  (05 January, 2001)

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The album, though comprising a mainly authentic classical repertoire, still has Eichelmann's signature style; creative, inventive and full of energetic musical ideas and concepts all the way through. Play Park Music

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Hucky really shows of his chops on the Thai song I-sarn. Meanwhile, Harvey, who seems to be able to blow, bow, pluck and beat a tune on anything remotely resembling an instrument, provided a dazzling variety of sound and melodies in accompanying his partner. The DVD is a must for fans of Hucky’s music. • John Clewley - The Bangkok Post • (30 September, 2005)

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Hucky Eichelmann FINGER WORKS
Your key to developing a complete guitar technique 
For beginner, intermediate and professional guitarists

Recordings produced by Hucky

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… a sumptuous experience, full of period instruments and graceful melodies and beautiful guitar work. Perfect for Sunday afternoon and relaxing and simply enjoying. Very ethnic, in one sense, and yet somehow contemporary - a perfect set of contradictions. The Bangkok Post (12 April, 2002)

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The delightful dreamy album is a welcome addition to recordings from the North. The sound quality on the the album is first-class, and the liner notes, unusual for a locally produced album on traditional Thai music, are interesting and informative. John Clewley - The Bangkok Post (06 June, 2008)

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Off Beat Siam is an ambitious album; the styles of music played in the songs range from traditional to jazz-funk, jazz to hip-hop and salsa. Khun-In’s ranat features throughout, taking the lead, accompanying or just trilling in the background. …. an amazing range of styles to play on one album….. John Clewley - The Bangkok Post (06 June, 2008)

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The two CDs cover a wide range of styles, from khaen instrumentals to funky Lam Phu Thai songs. There are many outstanding tracks and I particularly liked the Long Lar farewell song, sung so beautifully by Mukda Songserm, Chalard's exceptional vocals on Lam Tang Yoo Uai Porn Pi Mai, all the Phu Thai songs and, of course, the sublime solos and general trickery of master khaen player Sombat Simlar. John Clewley - The Bangkok Post (19 September, 2008)

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