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Hucky Eichelmann
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Hucky Eichelmann

Asean Guitar | Hucky Eichelmann


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The arrangements/transcriptions and the playing on this album are absolutely PERFECT! Hucky's playing is magnificent, comparable to a Grand Cru wine in its best vintages. 

Regarding the guitar sound, THIS IS the finest guitar recording I've ever sounds great, like a premium wine - one that offers full body, bold and sweet.  And the quality of the sound recording is even better than Michael Newman's solo guitar recorded by Sheffield Lab.
AUDIOPHILE Magazine, December 2015.
I categorize the music on the ASEAN GUITAR album as ”world music" played on a classical guitar. Hucky interprets each piece by keeping the soul of the original composition as authentic as possible.  The sound quality is perfect with the best natural sound and complete details of every single movement. I have learned that (sound engineer) Shane Edwards spent almost a full day in setting up the microphones, and ended up using a total of six mics for recording one guitar!!!
Giving such full attention to detail the outcome of the sound quality on CD and Vinyl is superb and especially on the Test Pressing LP which enhances the sound quality by an additional 20% . The album was manufactured at Pallas in Germany with the sound control handled by TACET prior to sending it to Thailand (by airfreight) where it sells at THB 1,700.
Dr. Chumpol Musiganont, GM 2000 Magazine, August 2015

The Charm of ASEAN:
from George Harrison to Hucky Eichelmann

Hucky has an in-depth knowledge of ASEAN folk music and its instruments which allowed him create a unique “Techno Toey” – a fusion of “Jingle Bell” and “Toey Khong” combined in perfect harmony… The ASEAN GUITAR album is a masterpiece of perfect fusion of Western and Eastern melodies, and clearly reflects the true self of Hucky Eichelmann who has been mesmerized by the ASEAN charm.
(Teeraparb Lohitkun, Sawadee Saturday-
Krungthep Turakij Newspaper-6 June 2015)

ASEAN GUITAR features stunning musical selections from the ten ASEAN countries aiming to bridge the native musical traditions within the region through the filter of contemporary musical consciousness and today’s modern way of life in these rapidly emerging countries.
Kao Sod Newspaper-09 June 2015)

Hucky Eichelmann's Asean adventure
“Eichelmann's playing throughout, as you would expect, is first-class. On some tracks, like Techno Toey, he produces sounds from his guitar that you don't expect — his virtuosity is mesmerising.
The other thing I like about this album is the sound quality of the recording, which is spectacular.”
(John Clewley -
Bangkok Post - 21 April 2015)

Musical Ambassador between East and West - Godfather of the guitar in Thailand.
Hucky is a visionary artist who broke the boundaries of music between the East and the West. He is an icon, an amazing guitarist who has created a sound and playing style all his own.
Listening to his playing makes us realise that it is his innovative technique, distinctive playing style, and the integration of Thai music into his classical guitar playing that makes him so great.
(Baitong Ratchatawan -
Thai Rath TV - Interview - 17 May 2015)

Songs of ASEAN through the godly guitar playing of Hucky Eichelmann
Hucky is one of the foreigners with a Thai heart.
His ASEAN GUITAR is a very joyful album with a great variety of emotions. It is filled with fresh, lively and engaging guitar playing; an album without a dull moment……… not easy for anyone to match as it takes arranging and guitar playing skills on the greatest mastery level.
In "Techno Toey”, Hucky’s clash of cultures composition I very much love his playing technique of crossing the Eastern and the Western worlds by switching between Ram Toey melodies and Jingle Bells; it is a very fun and colourful “Toey Jingle Bells”.
The excellent quality of recording allows the guitar sound to come out crystal clear. Here, the "alternative" label AMI Records gives us a choice to choose quality music that is different from popular songs that are abundant out there.
(Bon Boraped -
Manager Online - 19 May 2015)

...beautiful, captivating and timeless melodies!
(Dumras Rodjanapiches -
Thai Post -12 July 2015)

In celebration of ASEAN integration Hucky Eichelmann, renowned for his fusion of eastern and western music, has launched "ASEAN GUITAR”, a new album showcasing his one of a kind playing style. The album features all-time greatest hits from the ten ASEAN countries which have been arranged for classical guitar.
Matichon Online News - 17 June 2015)

A joyful listening album of 16 songs from ten countries. For Thailand, Hucky choose “Duan Phen” as a representative and “Techno Toey” - a piece he wrote himself and which features an interesting fusion of Isan music and Jingle Bells. Powerful and sweet interpretations.
Image Magazine - June/July 2015)

Hi Hucky, I just wanted to say thank you for sending the CD and manuscript book. It’s a beautiful presentation and your performances are exemplary and beautifully recorded.
A great piece of work and I’m proud to have played even a small part in its creation.
Graeme Taylor, lead guitarist of GRYPHON - 19 April 2015