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Hucky Eichelmann
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Hucky Eichelmann

About | Hucky Eichelmann
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Musical Bridge between East and West

Hucky’s professional career spans over five decades. He has toured globally and performed at some of the world’s top venues, including a concert at United Nations headquarters in New York City, his final concert of the 20th century. 

In Thailand, where he lives since over four decades,  he pioneered the development of music and dance as Artistic Director of the Bangkok International Guitar Festival & Series (1984-1989) and the Thailand Festival of the Arts (1997-2000), Thailand’s first ever arts festival which inaugurated a new dimension to the country’s art and cultural scene. He also served as Director of the Bangkok International Showcase Series (2000-2012) and Artistic Director of the Markgräfler Guitar Festival in Germany (1996-2004).   Though holding a master degree in classical music, Hucky has developed his own musical repertoire of great diversity bridging the Cultures of East and West as well as the Classical with the Folkloristic and the Classical with the Popular. The international media has dubbed him as “Musical Ambassador between East and West”. 

In Thailand, Hucky’s name has been a household item synonymous with the guitar for over four decades. His popularity is closely associated with his legendary best-seller recordings of the music of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great (King Rama IX) as well as other milestone recordings of Thai and Asian music.

Hucky’s music and playing style has had a hugh impact on the younger generations of guitar players, many of whom regard him as a role-model.
Besides touring worldwide for various German Cultural exchange programs, Hucky represented Thailand at various important events, including ‘The Taste of Thailand Festival’ at London’s Regent Park, the high-profile ‘Concert to Celebrate the 7th Cycle (84th) Birthday Anniversary of His Majesty King Rama IX at London’s Bloomsbury Theater in 2012, the ‘The Musical Night in Celebration of the Establishment of the ASEAN Community’ at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok in 2016, and the "Magical Melodies of Thailand" series, which was presented by the Royal Thai Embassy in Cambodia with the aim to strengthen ties between the Thai Embassy in Cambodia, the Diplomatic Corps as a whole, and the Royal Cambodian Government in Phnom Penh. He also performed as part of 66 episodes of the “Empyrean Light: A Documentary Series in Honor of His Majesty King Rama X" portraying the life and work of the King.

As an artist and producer Hucky has worked with Ravi Shankar, KITARO, The Stuttgart Ballet, CHICO & The Gypsies (formerly Gipsie Kings), Pat Metheny, George Winston, Richard Harvey, Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal, Martin Taylor, Nina Corti, Carlos Bonell, Paco Peña, Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, David Russell, Juan Martin and Xuefei Yang to name but a few…


“When I heard Hucky's guitar playing a few months ago in Los Angeles, I was extremely impressed and admired his virtuosity and mastery in playing different styles apart from playing the strictly classical. He is a sensitive and wonderful musician.
• Pandit Ravi Shankar  • Indian sitar legend

"Hucky Eichelmann is a great guitarist, arranger, interpreter and composer. I really love his Asia album. He looks deeply into the soul of many cultures. He is truly a world citizen musically and plays with great heart and soul."
• George Winston, GRAMMY AWARD - new age piano


Guitarist Eichelmann enthralls diplomats and top officials in PP
This maestro made his personal presence on Phnom Penh in what turned out to be a mesmerizing two hours of soul rendering music. His incredible talent and versatility captivated diplomats and selected officials of the Royal Cambodian Government.

… world class, but stuck on the musical language of the East.

His very first notes showed us that his command of the guitar was 100%. No fluffs and no missed notes, just sheer musical paying. ... the playing was beyond reproach....the best night out I have had at a guitar recital this year. I urge you to see this man. You won’t hear his like anywhere else. - Chris Dumigan-

... the ultimate pleasure! First Class Musicianship.

Abundant musical sense, beautiful tone and good balance of sound.

Virtuosity to the limits of the possible.

... absolutely meticulous perfection.

Stunning guitar work. No one’s ever played the guitar like that. I hadn’t known anyone else to get such flowing tone or use such brilliant fingerwork - and I’ve heard Segovia, Julian Bream and John Williams.....