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Hucky Eichelmann
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Hucky Eichelmann

Magical Melodies | Hucky Eichelmann


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Synthesis of art and technology combining superb sound recording with excellent musical arrangements and performance.
• Manager Daily Newspaper

Disc of The Month
The Magical Melodies of Thailand album is an attest of the latest recording innovation with the 24 bit/ 96 kHz capacity. Hucky truly displays the spirit of these beloved Thai tunes.
• GM 2000 Magazine
The three decades worthwhile waiting.
The cream of beautiful musical style. Magical Melodies of Thailand sounds so delicate, yet sharp and airy with a smooth and natural feeling. It is not merely the excellence/quality of the classic guitar playing but also the quality of the high-end recording.
• Image Magazine

This album is the real showpiece of Hucky's fingertechnique. However, it is the arrangements and the feeling which dominate the technique. A highly impressive effort to present Thai music in a contemporary style.
• Guitar Magazine

True audiophile quality of a chrystal guitar sound with the touching of the chords traceable. A solid sound with fine echo and such sensitive details as Hucky’s breathing. The studio's acoustics create a three dimensional musical image with a strong sense of sound depth. The microphones superbly capture the guitars superb sustains in a natural way.
• Stereo Magazine

Hucky has decided to embrace every single corner of Thailand on this album, emphasizing the unique regional musical characteristics. Those all time popular songs as “ Duan Phen” and “Namta Saeng Tai” are beautifully performed. The most superb of all is the distinctive “Thai Royal Anthem” overture. I love it. The melody is so impressively “Majestic” and really superb. It touches all “Thai souls”
• Season Magazine

I have listened to this album over and over again and the sound of its music made me succumbed to tears time and time again. With his modern approach and the excellent sound quality the guitarist has truly captured the Thai spirit. This is one of the most worthwhile works to listen to.
• Nation Weekly
"Delicious cuisine for the ears: tasty & spicily cooked. West meets East in such beautiful harmony & peace. As a Thai Musician, I admire Hucky Eichelmann for his enthusiastic work of bringing Thai Musical Culture to the world, with his great caring and very fine playing skill. Strings and fingers speak Thai fluently, no language barriers; Hucky truthfully expresses Thai spirit trough his Magical Guitar."
• Prof. ANANT NARKKONG (Faculty of Music, Silpakorn University, KORPHAI ENSEMBLE)

Khun Hucky had put Thai music into a different perspective. Many wonderful tracks to listen to on this album. In one word "Beautiful"! Beautiful Thailand. Thank you Khun Hucky.

guitarist & producer (Company Band / Grammy)