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Bangkok street dogs

The latest hilarious news on the recent dog attack matter is Khet Sathorn's announcement that they would come to catch the dog who bit the resident but castrate the others in the gang and then return them back to the front of our house..... to see whom they will bite next, we suppose? Castrating dogs for means of preventing them to bite is quite big news....especially since the dog who bit the resident was actually already castrated, as were all the others.... Bangkok remains a wild place, always good for never heard of surprises.

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Recently, the area around Thanon Suanplu has experienced a noticeable increase in the presence of stray dogs. Concerns have arisen among residents due to encounters with aggressive dogs, prompting some to reach out to both the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) and the Khet Sathorn district office for assistance. Regrettably, there has been a reported lack of action from either authority in addressing the issue. Tragically, just four days ago, one resident was attacked and bitten by a visibly unwell and highly aggressive dog in front of their Suanplu residence.

Khet Sathorn informed us that there are so many dog lovers out there who object removing these, very often rabies plagued, animals from the streets. Until today nothing happened and we all keep on living in fear of being attacked again every time we leave the house. Needless to mention the inconvenience of endless hours (over weeks) at the hospital receiving the required full courses of rabies and tetanus vaccinations for the victim.

Maybe it needs some foreign tourists to be attacked (and the PR that comes with it) before the authorities will make a move...?

We too, love animals and we believe that these unfortunate dogs in fact do actually need proper help. A big city like Bangkok spends so much money on this and that, why not use some funds to help the homeless animals of this city? Meanwhile, may I humbly suggest to those dog lovers who object the intervention of the authorities to instead of feeding these dogs in front of our house, please take them home to your place, have them properly vaccinated against rabies etc. and feed them in the comfort of your home. They will most certainly be very grateful. Thank you, krub.

#streetdogs #Rabies