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ASEAN Guitar

THIS IS the finest guitar recording I've ever heard…
And the quality of the sound recording is even better than Michael Newman's solo guitar recorded by Sheffield Lab. AUDIOPHILE Magazine, December 2015

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String Tests

Following months of testing over 30 types of classical guitar strings, I finally settled for these truly excellent sets of classical guitar strings by PYRAMID Strings from Bubenreuth, Germany.

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Finger Works

FINGER WORKS is a minimal and transparent yet comprehensive compilation of all possible finger movements possible on the classical guitar. With strong focus on such topics as rhythm and voicing, this method aims to help develop a musical rather than an abstract mechanical guitar technique.

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One of the most beautiful guitars ever

Testing a Luciano Lovadina guitar
Here is one of the most beautiful guitars ever built by Italian master luthier Luciano Lovadina. Let us test this beauty.

Song: Rak Risya
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The dilemma of the classical guitar and how to be a musician

One of the main dilemmas of the classical guitar is that many players attempt to copy other (famous) players rather than developing their own musical signature.  

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