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let us unite against the evils of mankind


About dishonesty...

Somebody asked me what to do when you find out that somebody whom you thought you knew very well and whom you respected and trusted as a sincere being suddenly turns out to be a dishonest person who thinks and acts in a manipulative way.

A seemingly easy but yet difficult question to answer… here is my personal try, anyway:
Dishonesty and manipulations are basically lies which come with many different faces and reasons and even excuses to 'justify' themselves. As far as I am concerned none of them are acceptable in whatsoever way.
Besides being irritating, unfair and sometimes even devastating for the affected party, it appears to me that the dishonest party is actually on the loosing side as, in the end, they will have to face their Karma or call it the truth with their creator, no matter which faith they might follow…. Altogether, dishonesty seems to be a pitiful, not very creative and actually not even effective or helpful instinct at all.

Therefore my personal guess would be to stay clear of such people…..!

…hope this helps.

Greedy is ugly

What if other countries decided to charge all Thais 10 times the local's price for all sorts of things? We would not like that, would we? Let's just don't be too greedy, ....

referring to Bangkok Post article on 11-07-2020
Foreigners take aim at dual pricing
The timing is particularly appropriate since the country is still closed to foreign travellers. Consequently, the tourism industry is relying on domestic travellers for survival. That includes tens of thousands of expatriates who live in the country year-round and pay taxes.

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The thing about Freedom...

If we wish to live in freedom we first need to learn how to handle that freedom properly.
it might, in fact, require more GIVING than TAKING.

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A disturbing disease

To me one of the most disturbing disease of this century so far is not the COVID-19 pandemic but the MOBILE PHONE with all its consequences on mental and physical health as well as (anti)social (mis)behaviour.

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