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"Covid-Garbage" is my term for things (anything from mattresses to coffee makers) which you have to throw away after certain people invade your place while you are away during a pandemic. The reason for this unnecessary and costly nuisance is the widespread attitude: "I'd rather die of Covid and/or possibly infect others than not visit my folks….". What a noble and selfless thought.

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A disturbing disease

To me one of the most disturbing disease of this century so far is not the COVID-19 pandemic but the MOBILE PHONE with all its consequences on mental and physical health as well as (anti)social (mis)behaviours.

Amazing medical developments

During my recent trip to Europe I stopped over at my house in the Black Forest near the Swiss-French borders, a truly beautiful part of the world. I was on my way to perform a concert to celebrate the 7th cycle (84th) birthday of His Majesty King Bhumibol of Thailand at London’s famed Bloomsbury Theater, a great honour given to me by the Royal Thai Embassy in the UK.Read More…